Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week 10 Forum post

TOPIC 1: YOUR BEST PHOTOJOURNALISM -- Consider the photos you posted on your blog this term:

  1. What was the best photo you took this term? (Post a copy of your favorite!)
  2. Why did that photo stand out?
  3. It stood out to me as being really simple, but focused, it draws your eye straight to the ball, and has a good sense of movement and rhythm.
  4. How does it reflect what you learned in Photojournalism?
  5. I learned to always shoot with the ball in mind, and to use a fast enough shutter speed.
  6. Think about your photo skills at the beginning of the term and now. What has changed in your ability or approach to taking and presenting photos? Give some EXAMPLES.
  7. Like I stated above, I have gained some technical skills and knowledge, and also have a better idea of what makes a good photo. For example, to fill the frame, shoot from new and interesting angles, etc.

TOPIC 2: YOUR GOALS -- Go back to the Forum for Week 1 and you'll find your response to this prompt:

GOALS -- Now that you've committed to taking Photojournalism this term, what are your THREE goals for this class? (In addition to earning a good grade!)

Copy and paste your THREE goals, then write about how you did in achieving them. Please include EXAMPLES.

Goal 1: Increase skill in photography!
I think I really did increase my overall skill in photography, although I didn't do the best job always being proactive when taking shooting opportunities. Something I can work on for sure.

Goal 2: Increase my summary and writing skills when captioning or writing pieces for the paper.
This is something I definitely can still work on, I need to add more detail, and work and background info on my subjects.
Goal 3: Have fun! I can't wait to get into this class, and enjoy a few of my favorite subjects mixed together!
Overall, I did enjoy the shooting aspects of this class, but I could have been more proactive, and worked harder to get better photos.

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